It's Fish! It's Spam! Either Way, 'Perfect Stranger' Stinks

Critics Chew Up Ad-World Movie, Spit It Out

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I'd thought about dropping $10 of my precious money to go see "Perfect Stranger," starring Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. After all, it was filmed in a real, live ad office and included some real, live commercials. And even if Halle Berry apparently had only one good acting performance in her and obviously has no friends (otherwise someone would stop her from making these abysmal career moves), she is easy on the eyes.

But I didn't go see it -- and not just because drinking got in the way. Nope. It had more to do with the fact that 98.9% of the reviewers completely trashed the movie. It's pulling a solid "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes.

Says Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly: "Perfect Stranger is spam — not only commercially generated, but irritating in the faith that buyers will be as dumb about Internet-based thrillers as the sellers are. My advice is to delete without opening."

But my favorite quip might be from Eric Lurio of the Greenwich Village Gazette: "I'm surprised that the red herring isn't extinct yet. It's almost as if the makers of this film fished them all out of the sea and put them in this film."
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