Six Flags Salon Will Double the Screaming for First Haircut

Brand Extension Offers 'Multi-Sensory Haircutting Experience'

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As if little kids aren't already scared spitless to get their hair cut, Six Flags theme parks this week launched their latest, and decidedly dubious, brand extension: Six Flags Rollercoaster Cuts.

The salon chain's offering is described as a "multi-sensory haircutting experience for kids of all ages."

From the announcement heralding the grand opening of Rollercoaster Cuts in West Hartford, Conn.: "Once inside the brightly colored boutique, guests will be immersed in an interactive, roller coaster spinning, Six Flags theme park experience. Each themed cutting station will feature custom-built coaster cars equipped with a flat screen television that showcases exciting videos of Six Flags' adrenaline pumping rides and attractions."

Last time I checked, adrenaline + scissors = 911.

And if lil Tommy thinks getting shampoo in his eyes is frightening, this'll be a real treat. "Even while shampooing, children will have the option to sit straight up in a traditional chair or lie flat on their backs watching point-of-view camera angles of Six Flags' biggest coaster drops."

Can we say "SCREAM MACHINE"???

Oh, and here's the best (by that I mean worst) part: "Every haircut will come complete with a free photo to capture the moment." Greaaaat. So you'll never be able to forget that ridiculous bowl cut your mom made you get in the first grade.

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