Focus on the Family Now Has 20% Less Boycotting Power

Dobson's Group Cuts Over 200 Jobs

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Focus on the Family -- scourge of media outlets and advertisers who dare portray gays, gay kissing, gay hugging and gay marriage -- is cutting 202 jobs according to UPI. The group, which also feels strongly about the F-word, is known for loudly launching boycotts against those who dare offend its Christian Right sensibilities, but usually succeeds at getting more media coverage than actual results. According to the report, 149 staff members will be let go, 53 vacant positions will be cut and -- like many mainstream-media magazines -- four of its magazines will now be online-only.

But if the creators of racy content are doing a little dance, keep in mind that the power behind FofF comes not from its staff members, but from its regular members. (Also, Don Wildmon and the American Family Association are still out there watching your every move, just in case any of you depraved perverts think you're going to get away with anything!)
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