Because Ford's Big Problem Is Color Choice

To Prove It, It Sent Out Two(!) Press Releases

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Ford sent out not one, but two press releases touting the news that it will offer its cars in more colors. This is one of those cases where something potentially cool -- colors, cars -- just sounds lame in a press release.

Says release No. 1: "Ford Motor Company is filling its paint color palette for the 2008 model year with some of the trendiest hues, most expressive metallics and its largest color range ever."

Sayeth release No. 2: "Design and color rank as more important purchase consideration factors than ever before, so Ford Motor Company is planning its biggest paint changeover in company history and leveraging a new collaborative product development process aimed at winning customers."

That should drive sales right through the roof.

There is a long list of weird "new" colors, many of them edible: Dark Cherry, French Silk, Light Sage, Kiwi Green, Merlot, Orange Frost and White Chocolate.

But the biggest head-scratcher is this: "Ford is turning up the heat with a custom deep, spicy red – called Candy Apple Red –- featured on the 2008 Ford Mustang. Confident and aimed at the design-savvy, this hot hue takes its cue from Chili Pepper, which Pantone named color of the year."

A) Candy Apple Red is hardly new. B) If it's "spicy" and "hot" and based on chili peppers, why call it apple?!?!
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