I've Seen That Fox Cab Driver Before

MTV Did It First and Better

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I had one of those old-man moments this week when I saw this supposedly new-fangled Fox content being aired within ad pods. Fox and Ideocracy have created Oleg the cab driver, who shows up during commercial breaks and ... well, he does whatever it is he does. The idea "came out of the recognized need on both the networks and agencies for alternative forms of engagement, given the impending arrival of Nielsen's minute-by-mintue commercial ratings." In other words, let's figure out how to game the commercial-ratings system before it even arrives!

At any rate, the old-man moment comes about because these whacky kids seem to think this is the first time this has been done. Not only has it been done before, it was the same scenario: a weird cabbie. The original -- Jimmy the Cab Driver -- was played by Donald Logue for MTV and he was downright hilarious.

Oleg, meet Jimmy the Cab Driver:
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