Friday Is Dress-Like-a-Cow Day

If You Look Moo-ti-ful, You'll Get a Free Chicken Sammich!

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Credit: Chick-fil-A
This Friday, July 11, Chick-fil-A is holding its annual Cow Appreciation Day. It's offering a free meal to "any customer who isn't 'too chicken' to visit any of the chain's nearly 1,400 participating restaurants fully dressed as a cow." (Bolding and italics in original press release.) This is the fourth year for the event. According to the company, last year was -- wait for it -- "udder insanity." OK. OK. Enough with the jokes. At any rate, if you've never had a Chick-fil-A sandwich, you don't know what you're missing. And New Yorkers, you're not 100% out of luck. The chain has a location for NYU students somewhere on "campus." Granted, it's only open to students and those with a special pass, but if you can't convince a student to get you in, you're in the wrong business.
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