More Fun With 'The Simpsons' Marketing

Now You Can Be Yellow and Shaped Oddly

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Full Disclosure: I've been watching "The Simpsons" since it was an odd little thinked tucked into "The Tracey Ullman Show" -- you know, back when Homer was the responsible one trying to impress his boss and Marge got sauced at the company picnic. So I'm a little excited about the upcoming movie.

Now that that's out of the way ... As part of the vast marketing effort behind this movie, there are two ways now to make a Simpsons character of yourself. First, you can go to Burger King's Simpsonize Me site. There, you can take an actual photo of yourself and have it morphed into a Simpsons-like character. Or, if you don't feel like uploading a photo, you can go to this spot on The Simpsons movie site and create your own Simpsons avatar.
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