Gatorade Tries to Evolve Beyond Last Round of Work

New Spots Don't Feature Spooky Mimes

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Tonight, Gatorade will introduce its G Series product line to consumers with a 60-second spot, "Gatorade Has Evolved," from TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles. Then, the brand team will collectively hold its breath and hope for the best -- or at least something better than the head-scratching and sales slides that came after the "What Is G?" introduction. Here it is:

Gatorade gets that old-timey feeling.

The spot, breaking during the NBA playoffs, will set the stage for the most massive overhaul in the brand's history, as it shifts to a lineup that includes products for before, during and after activity. (Also notable, you can see the word "Gatorade" a few times -- if only on some of the old-timey bottles.) Whether that message will resonate with key targets -- the G Series' core target is the 13- to 17-year-old high-school athlete, while G Series Pro's target is the 16- to 24-year-old who is in the business of being athletic -- or simply puzzle them has yet to be seen.

For its part, Gatorade believes that athletes will embrace the new approach. Sarah Robb-O' Hagan, chief marketing officer at Gatorade, recently told Ad Age that "the average consumer is already consuming during the before-and-after occasion." But getting them to shill out cash for three separate beverages might be another thing entirely.

The brand plans to follow the first spot with a second 60-second spot, "Before, During, After" in early May. Three 15-second spots are planned to highlight each product in the G Series.

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