Gawker Spins Off Idolator, Wonkette and Gridskipper

Slims Down to Gird for Bubble Burst

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Gawker Media is shedding three of the blogs in its stable. Music blog Idolator will move over to Buzznet; Travel blog Gridskipper is off to Curbed (in which Gawker Media has a stake); and the political Wonkette is going to managing editor Ken Layne and will become part of the Blogads network.

In a memo to staffers, Denton writes: "So why not wait, at least till the election? Well, since the end of last year, we've been expecting a downturn. Scratch that: since the middle of 2006, when we sold off Screenhead, shuttered Sploid and declared we were "hunkering down", we've been waiting for the internet bubble to burst. No, really, this time. And, even if not, better safe than sorry; and better too early than too late."

He ends the note with this: "The dozen sites that remain represent some 97% or our 228m pageviews per month, and an even higher proportion of our growth and advertising revenue. (Key facts are below, in case anyone asks.) We'll be able to devote more attention to breakouts such as Jezebel and io9, as well as established titles such as Gizmodo and Kotaku, which are becoming utterly dominant in their domains. And, then, once this recession is done with, and we come up from the bunker to survey the internet wasteland around us, we can decide on what new territories we want to colonize."
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