Giant Java Spotted Hissing and Steaming in Times Square

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Hey, Starbucks. This is what a 'tall' looks like.
Hey, Starbucks. This is what a 'tall' looks like.
It's summer in America, even in the paved canyons of our major cities, where the brutal sun chases senior citizens into air-conditioned movie theaters where they'll pay 10 bucks to be tortured by such fare as "The Love Guru" and "Meet Dave." So what better way to start things off than with a giant, steaming cup of McDonald's coffee!

Tourists in New York (and the poor saps who have to walk through Times Square to get to work) can now witness the spectacle of a giant spigot pouring a giant stream of coffee into a giant cup—complete with giant steam. The 48-foot representation of McDonald's Premium Roast can be found at 1500 Broadway between 43rd and 44th streets in Manhattan. Created by Leo Burnett USA, the billboard is part of what the fast feeder is calling its largest outdoor advertising campaign.

How big is it? (Glad you asked.) The beast weighs about 3,300 pounds and holds some 1,600 gallons of water. That's a lot of water—or mock coffee, if you will. Just thinking about it sends the bladder into distress. Sadly, about the closest thing to public restrooms in New York are the bathrooms in Starbucks.

At any rate, it's good to see a steaming successor to the giant Nissin Cup Noodles that used to grace Times Square and came down in 2006 (though it would have been totally cool to have a 150-foot Ronald McDonald pulling the lever and pouring himself that cup of coffee. Then again, it would probably prompt a class-action lawsuit from the coulrophobics in New York).

We're told that other big outdoor ... well, let's call them "mystery items" as McDonald's isn't saying ... will appear in Chicago and Los Angeles. Oddly enough, though the first one was tested in Detroit before being packed up and shipped to New York, there are no plans for a Motor City billboard.
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