Girl Scouts Take Cookies Into Digital Age

You Can Even Search by ZIP Code!

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After 90 years of shilling Thin Mints door to door (and at card tables set up in the local grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.) the Girl Scouts are going digital to promote their annual cookie drive, blanketing all the websites de jour -- YouTube, Grouper, Friendster -- and racking up the friends on MySpace. (So far 181 "friends" and there doesn't appear to be any creepy pedophile-like middle agers in the bunch -- although there is one suspicious, scary looking dude called Cookie Monster.)
The gist of the web presence is to help people more easily find out where they can buy cookies and includes a handy search-by-ZIP-code service. That's especially helpful for us fifth-floor walk-up apartment dwellers who don't get the cookie house calls our suburban colleagues get.

The campaign was created internally at Girl Scouts of the USA and by digital agency Ripple Effects Interactive (with offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) which, per the release sent to us, "is reaching out to influential bloggers, message boards and chat rooms to penetrate niches where Girl Scout cookies are not yet a common purchase." Such places exist?
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