Girls Gone Wild: The Magazine

Captain Read Really, Really Excited

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Coming soon, in magazine form.
Coming soon, in magazine form.
The magazine industry will be so proud: The latest big brand to spread from one medium into magazines is Girls Gone Wild. Each $9.99 issue will feature editorials and pictorials of "the Girls Gone Wild girls," tours and events plus its own DVD, according to Curtis Circulation Co., which said it will distribute it.

Somehow not familiar with the franchise? Curtis called it "the pop culture phenomenon that's capturing the essence of youth" as well as, for all you blue-chip advertisers out there, "influencers ages 18-35." Others have called the semi-candid videos of young women exposing themselves far worse. The explicit warnings plastered all over the landing page should tell you all you need to know, but typically the ouevre involves highly inebriated barely-legal women removing clothes and groping one another.

So it's probably not destined for the shelves at Hudson News, which made a habit of covering up the racier covers of magazines like Stuff and FHM. But the magazine, from the imaginatively named GGW Brands, will undoubtedly get around more than Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, who has been locked up since April.

The first issue of the bimonthly magazine goes on sale April 15.
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