GM Recalls 1.3 Million Cars, Prompting No Outcry From Anyone

Crickets Instead of Crisis Experts

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Everyone from Aunt Sally to Congress jumping on Toyota's case about its current recall. Those evil Japanese car companies are trying to kill innocent Americans! And Mr. Toyoda didn't answer to Congress' liking! And every single crisis-communications company sent out press releases with advice (much of it contradictory).

So what happened when General Motors recalled over a million cars for steering issues? Not much. That's what. Which could say something about the brand ("Meh, it's GM. What do you expect") and/or give credence to those claiming that the "Government Motors" is catching a break at the expense of competitors. Mind you, this is not to excuse Toyota's products or PR outreach (though, as points out, EVERY car manufacturer has received complaints about unintended acceleration), but this case does seem to exhibit a little bit of that classic American urge to tear down the big guy.

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