GM's Robot Speaks Out

Tells Special-Interest Groups to Buzz Off

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With this anti-suicide cult running roughshod over the ad industry, the robot from GM's Super Bowl spot shares his thoughts in a totally fake interview posted over at The foul-mouthed little bugger comes off a little like the Geico Caveman, and he's not quite as funny at times as he thinks he is. But overall, we like the little fella (or this version of him).

We like this exchange:

"Q. I'm sure she is. Can we move on here? What did you think of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's stance on your spot, which they deemed insensitive to those with mental illness and suicidal depression?

A. Well, first of all, I think they overreacted. I mean come on - it's a frickin' TV commercial for crissakes, not a frickin' endorsement of suicide. Can't they suspend their crusade for one damn day so people can enjoy the Super Bowl without some protest group coming out of the freakin' woodwork? I mean, where were the people complaining about the Budweiser 'Crab' spot for promoting a mind control cult that could negatively affect crabs? You said it best a long time ago in one of your columns - that this country needs an enema. "
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