GMA a Sucker for Every Blatant Publicity Stunt Out There

Taking the Last Bit of News Out of Morning News

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If you were laboring under the delusion that there is news to be had in those morning news shows, "Good Morning America" is doing its best to get even the dimmest bulb out there to see the light. How else to explain the fact that they covered the "no-gossip-zone" PR office. (If that sounds familiar, it may be because we've had a smug chuckle about it recently.)

But that's not all. GMA swallowed hook, line and sinker the more-that-dubious subway love story that made it's way around New York last week. To be fair, a lot of other media outlets seem willing to believe that this isn't a publicity stunt -- despite all obvious clues to the contrary.

It's not like there's a war on. Or an election. Perhaps if "news" outlets would spend less time reading press releases -- whether they be from a PR firm, the White House or a campaign handler -- and more time reporting actual news and issues ... Who am I kidding?

And, while I'm throwing a handful of links in Gawker's direction, let me just cap off by saying "Shame on the Washington Post."
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