Thank God for Hugo Chavez & Citgo

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Because Hugo Chavez is so intent on making the U.S. in general--and George W. Bush in particular--look like an evil capitalist tool, Citgo can offer heating oil to poor people at discounts up to 40% off. This isn't exactly news, but it's newly relevant because of the recent raft of ads floating around on TV, in print and on the web.

I'm sure the good people of Venezuela would be proud to see these ads featuring "poor" Americans (who probably seem obscenely weathly compared to a "poor" Venezuelan). From "the Venezuelan Heart to the U.S. Hearths," indeed.

Then again, many Venezuelans have probably sold their TV sets by now to be able to afford food ... when there's food available to buy.

But old Hugo's just doing his part to help out (and to humiliate Bush). So what if he artificially manipulates prices, threatens to take over other private businesses, plays arm-chair economist to counter out-of-control inflation, blithely ignores every previous lesson learned about socialism, appoints himself leader for life and turns his country into South America's Zimbabwe.

Hugo's keeping poor Americans warm. Good for him. And good for Citgo. This must be doing great things for the brand.

UPDATE: Such great things, in fact, that a large part of Citgo's campaign revolves around proclaiming its proud American success story.
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