What's Good for Presidents Isn't Good for Phelps

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To steal a point that's been making its way around the blogs, "We have a president in office who has admitted to doing 'blow,' and the two before him have smoked a little ganja themselves, inhaling or not." Of course, the president of the United States is only the most powerful person in the land, not a role model -- and certainly not one of our virginal unstained super athletes who have the power to brainwash small children by simply lifting an eyebrow. (And God forbid kiddies get even an inkling of an idea that dabbling in drugs does not automatically lead you to jail time, job loss, dementia, dwelling in a cardboard box and touring junior high schools playing one-armed drum solos.)

Look, I can sort of see Kellogg's point in dropping Phelps. They don't want their attempt to sell choco-frosted sugar bombs to kids to be tainted by the whiff of weed. (And, hey, serves him right for being a Honey Nut Cheerios freak anyway, no?) They've got a business protect. But I haven't been this ashamed of media and industry hysteria since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction literally turned every child watching into a slobbering sociopath.

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