Google Declares Comic-Con a National Holiday Bigger Than Memorial Day

Does Search Giant Love Geeks More Than It Loves America?

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Give Google points for being whimsical. The search giant observed the beginning of the three-day geek fest that is Comic-Con with a logo designed by DC Comics artist Jim Lee. Google, which meticulously keeps its search page ad-free, loves to tweaking its logo to observe certain occasions: Thanksgiving, the first day of spring, Halloween, New Year's and the like. An archive of all Google's holiday logos is here.

But in doing so, the company has raised the ire of some American patriots who've long complained that Google does nothing to honor Memorial Day. The company did get around to begrudingly honoring Memorial Day this year with, as one blogger put it, "a tiny yellow ribbon." (Apparently observing Veterans Day and Independence Day wasn't enough.) The topic is oft-searched enough on Google to pop in as a keyword string: "google memorial day logo."

We don't question the company's patriotism. What days Google observes is entirely to its discretion. Other days it's observed: the birthdays of Dr. Seuss, Charles Darwin, Jackson Pollack and Martin Luther King, Jr.

But Comic-Con? What's next? CES? Burning Man?

UPDATE:An alert reader points out that a Burning Man logo can't be next up for Google. Why? Because it was actually the first special logo Google ever did. Apparently, the company's full of no-good hippies after all.

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