Great Moments in Real Estate Advertising

An Ad So Strong, It Can Sell Ice Cubes to Eskimos

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Burrrr! All right, we're sold. Now everyone please come inside and enjoy some hot cocoa with me so I can figure out who's the mastermind behind this gem. I'm not one for assumptions, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be the Grand Poobah in the middle that everyone seems to be coddling.

What really impresses me, is that this indigenous real estate group from Iowa not only sold us on their creative prowess, but also managed to sell the photographer and designer on this controversial concept. In a word: Spectacular! You all get an "A" for Awesome.

Hey mama bear, let the crew know that we'll keep PETA off your back, you guys just keep pumpin' out ads.

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Dana Severson is a Minneapolis-based ad director with an unusually large forehead. He is the creator of the Official Real"ad"tor Awards. Read his bio here or follow him on Twitter here.

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