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Psychological Manipulation, the Latest Trend

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Wow Jeff (if that's really your name), you've outdone yourself here. You've got us all in stitches, we're guessing you're a hoot at wedding receptions.

Lowen ad

But look folks, Mr. Lowen's mental-health condition is no laughing matter. And that's why we have to tip our hat to him. He not only embraces his fight against multiple personality disorder, he celebrates it. When Jeff was on his meds, his best day was someone driving by one of his listings. Now, while cutting back to only 5 mg once a week, his business has done a complete 180. Plus, it turns out that "Shiver Me Timbers" is a pretty good ad designer. Bonus!

Unfortunately, when we attempted to reach Mr. Lowen for comment, Gangsta Face answered and called us a beeatch. No biggie, we figure that we'll catch up with Big Score Face at the strip club.

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