Greenpeace to Facebook: Unfriend Coal

Environmental Group Targets Social Network

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Oh look. Greenpeace wants Facebook to stop using coal. Here's an ad pointing out that the internet uses a whole lot of this electricity stuff and that comes from coal, which is evil, so Facebook should stop it. RIGHT NOW!

Hear that Facebook? Please put all of your servers in one central location. Then find an alternative energy source to power that. Be sure to file environmental impact statement with local, state and federal authorities for acres of solar panels and/or windmills you'll be using. Or, better yet, you can use biofuels cultivated from all those Farmville farms.

But on a serious note, why single out Facebook? Because, according to the Facebook page dedicated to this effort, "Facebook responds to public pressure." Really? Judging by the response to criticism of every redesign, Facebook doesn't respond to public pressure at all.

There's this: "Facebook's coal problem is representative of the IT sector's growing demand for energy. ... At current growth rates, data centers and telecommunication networks -- two key components of 'the cloud' that Facebook depends on -- will consume about 1,963 billion kilowatts hours of electricity in 2020." And this: "The amount of electricity needed to power the Internet would place it 5th if ranked among countries by electricity consumption."

Adages readers are smart people. How can Facebook be "coal-free" by 2021?

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