Gucci Meets 'Sin City' in Frank Miller-Directed Short

But All We Want to Know Is, Will Marv Be in It?

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What happens when luxury brand Gucci meets the pulp-fiction-y creator of "Sin City"? Apparently, a short, campy-looking film.

Frank Miller is beloved by comic-book fans for his work on Daredevil, "Batman: the Dark Knight Returns" and "Sin City." The latter was turned into a remarkably over-the-top movie that he co-directed with Robert Rodriguez. That film, and the success of Zach Snyder's "300," which Miller created, catapulted the comic-book legend into a full-fledged auteur, albeit a short-lived one after his last solo directing effort, 2008's "The Spirit," was a box-office bomb.

But the folks in Milan, or wherever Gucci is based, must think the cinematical "Sin City" is still all the rage, because Miller was tapped to direct a short film for the latest Gucci women's fragrance, Gucci Guilty. (Because nothing says luxury, or guilt, like bad cops, evil priests, marauding hookers and hard-to-kill Marv.)

Miller gets his name -- in scarlet red, no less -- above the title of this mostly monochromatic teaser spot for "Friendly Fires," as the short is called. The full short will premiere during MTV's Video Music Awards on Sept. 12, though it's said to break online Aug. 24. The film stars Evan Rachel Wood ("True Blood") as the requisite "Sin City"-esque femme fatale and the snarky Chris Evans, who has a knack for playing comic book characters (Human Torch in "Fantastic Four," one of the world in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and, soon, the titular "Captain America").

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