Helpful Hints for Marketers from John Scalzi

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Two marketers, Tower Records and Napster, approached John Scalzi about the possibility of doing business with him and his blog.

"One of them did a bad job of it, and one of them did a good job of it, both in the sense of promoting their services to me as a blogger, and (incidentally) promoting their services to me as John Scalzi. As an object example of each, I'm going to present these marketing messages to you now, and explain all the ways they do and don't work."

Read it all. He doesn't pull any punches. Heck, he even throws a few round-house kicks to the head.

"The language of the pitch makes it sound like I'm some anorexic skank on the prowl for some easy cash. ..." The rest of the sentence is even better, but not suitable for publication on a family site.
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