Another High Point for the Axe Brand

Kids Setting Themselves on Fire

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It's no wonder Unilever had to create Dove for Men. Certainly no self-respecting adult man would buy Axe, especially after it became so ubiquitous among school-age boys that certain school districts threatened to outlaw it as teachers had to wear gas-masks to class! And now, in another bit of not-quite-news-but-we're-going-to-scare-parents-anyway, we have a piece showing the "trend" of young boys spraying themselves with Axe and setting themselves on fire. As a journalist, I shake my head at this "news" piece. As a former boy, myself, I say, "TOTALLY AWESOME." As the folks at The Awl point out, even before Axe and YouTube were invented sixth-grade boys liked to play with fire and alcohol. Heck, I learned the trick from an adult!
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