Hillary Clinton's Blog-Ad Spending So Far

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I think it's entirely too soon to be thinking Election 2008, but apparently my opinion doesn't count. That said, Hillary Clinton has announced and is buying blog ads. How many? Where? Who's getting their knickers in a twist for being left out? Find out those answers and more at this post from Blog P.I. This post goes well beyond opining on politics as William Beutler has done a great deal of research/analysis for the piece.

One highlight:
While I am quite sure I did not locate every ad on every blog, the initial buy was worth at least $17,026 across at least 45 blogs. The buy comprised political blogs almost exclusively, liberal blogs overwhelmingly, and primarily those with a national reach. Nearly every liberal blog above 50,000 impressions per week picked up a blogad, though a few did not (as we'll see below) and at least a few regional and small-traffic blogs also were included. The campaign bought some Premium ads (which are guaranteed to be the top ads visible) on liberal sites but generally stuck with the Standard ads, and went with the bargain buys on each of the conservative blogs included. And how many conservative blogs was that? I counted just four: Hugh Hewitt, Power Line, Captain's Quarters and Wizbang Politics (i.e. not the front page), each worth between 550,000 and 150,000 impressions per week for a total $1,150.

And another:
And on Wednesday night, hours after the final webcast, the ad strategy did indeed shift: At the same time the buy expanded on liberal blogs, it disappeared from the conservative sites. To the Clinton team, it made sense to get attention from the right when the focus was on the webcast, but now that the ads are inviting people to submit guest posts to her site, inviting the "winguts" would indeed be a waste of time.

Good stuff. Read the whole thing.
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