Hillary Inserted Into Best Ad Ever

But Who Did It?

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An Ad Age story this week wondered if it was too soon to start political jockeying for the White House. Newt Gingrich certainly seems to think so. But in my opinion, it's never too soon for something like this:

Yes, Hillary's scowling mug has landed the starring role as Big Brother in Apple's old "1984" ad. The tag at the end of the commercial directs viewers to BarackObama.com. But a quick tour of the site doesn't turn up the video, links to the video or discussion of the video. It doesn't even show up on the site's official YouTube channel. That -- and a certain lack of subtlety -- leads me to believe the Obama campaign didn't create this thing. (I'm still waiting on official word from the campaign).

So was it a well-meaning supporter or a super-secret Ninja move by the Clinton campaign that will allow her once again to whine about "personal" attacks? Or a sneaky Republican operative?
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