Home in Bentonville: Priced to Sell

Not Even Julie Roehm Can Escape the Subprime Monster

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Julie Roehm may have her Wal-Mart lawsuit behind her, but now she's fallen victim to the real-estate crunch!

When Roehm, an AdTech Power panelist, was introduced, she noted much of her experience was in the automobile sector. She also admitted she'd spent a year in Arkansas "at a retailer" (she said covering her mouth and coughing for comic effect).

But it ain't so easy for a woman to put Bentonville behind her. "I am part of the subprime implosion," she joked, before ticking off the attributes of her Arkansas home, now on the market for a year and a half: extensive acreage, 40 ft. swimming pool, 5,000 square feet of living space. She urged anyone interested to see her after the panel.

Roehm didn't mention what she is asking for the house, but some real estate sources in the area put the price of estate homes with considerable acreage as starting in the low $600,000s and range up to close to $2 million.

She said that to pay off the mortgage she has been working as a consultant trying to find "where the outside of the box was," helping a number of agencies to understand what clients really want, as well as helping a big bank with strategy and working in the area of cable and interactive TV.

A group of attendees did line up to speak with Roehm after the session, but it was unknown whether any made an offer for the place.
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