Because I'm Hot Enough, Racy Enough

And, gosh darnit, I like the Bears

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Ah, screw the rules. These days the real springboard for self-promotion is to bend the rules just long enough to get a brand to notice you and decide you jive with its message.

Adrants tells the story of Sarah, a woman who tried to auction herself off on eBay as a date for the Super Bowl. As we all know by now, selling your body is a no-no, but Axe liked the bold move and through no creativity of its own, made it into a promotion:

"The company that prides itself in functioning as a woman magnet for men gave Sarah four end zone tickets to the Super Bowl. She's bringing two of her female friends and the fourth ticket is being given away to the man (or woman, we guess) who crafts the most convincing email and sends it to [email protected]"

Meanwhile, a video of a psycho bride cutting off her own hair has landed her (if she's for real) an invite to hang with Meredith Viera on the "Today Show" and get her next haircut supervised by Linda Wells, editor of Allure. "Hair," they said, "is how women brand themselves." The things a woman will do to get a new brand. Sheesh.
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