See, I Don't Really Hate New Media

My Very First Stint as a Guest on a Podcast

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I roundly mock those blinded by the glories of social-media every chance I get. And some of those social-media "gurus" (cough, cough) get worked up and take me seriously. I'm also known to make sweeping generalizations about all new media and gloat when old media turns out to be the answer to the problem (See: Barack Obama's massive TV spending and win compared to Barack Obama's no TV spending on stimulus and losing.) But let me tell you something, younguns, I was blogging back when you were still pounding out notes on Yahoo Forums! At any rate, I was invited as a guest on The BeanCast last night. The BeanCast is a weekly marketing podcast run by Bob Knorpp. Last night's guests included Steve Hall and Bill Green and we yakked about the Super Bowl, Michael Phelps and irrational Crispin-bashing. I'd like to think it went well, but an unbiased listener should be the judge of that. (On a side note, Doug Zanger and the folks over on Small Agency Diary are playing around with radio/podcasts as well, though Zanger's telling me to hold off on linking until they get a couple more shows under their belt.)

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