Motel 6 Reaches Out to Lolcat Crowd

Announces Partnership With Cat Fanciers' Association

By Published on .

Hey, now your roadside motel room can smell like stale cigarettes, broken dreams, illicit affairs and ... cat pee! According to a press release, Motel 6 is partnering with the Cat Fanciers' Association "to offer CFA registered cat owners a discounted price on Motel 6 and Studio 6 room reservations across the country." All jokes aside, the hotel chain -- which always puts me in mind of Tom Bodett's warm voice promising to leave the lights on for me -- has been pet friendly since 1962. And with more folks opting for cheaper vacations (or driving across the land looking for work), a hotel that will not only let you bring Fluffy and Fido but also give you a discount? That's smart positioning. What would make this even better is if Motel 6 ties in with the Lolcats people: "Leebin' the lights on; ur doin it rite!"
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