'I won't lie to you. On this job, you will be shot at'

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Opens Stores in Real World

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On the off chance that you, the reader, skips the front page of AdAge.com and comes directly to Out of Site, allow me to point you to the cool story about how 7-Eleven was gutsy enough to embrace a joke at its expense and transform a dozen of its stores into Kwik-E-Marts. Of course, it's slightly easier to be gutsy when the joke you're yoking yourself to is part of one of the longest-running franchises on TV and is about to become a major motion picture, "The Simpsons."

Those interested in purchasing a Squishy, or KrustyO's or Buzz Cola are in luck. Though there will be no all-syrup Super Squishies available. Neither will there be Duff Beer (no one wanted to run afoul of the movie ratings) or Heat Lamp Hot Dogs (7-Eleven's sense of humor only extends so far). And while the cardboard characters will include Bart, Milhouse and even a Jasper in the freezer -- but no Snake.

And no store in Boston. Perhaps 7-Eleven was worried the citizens there would call in a terrorism scare. Check out our full story from Kate MacArthur here.
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