If I Ran the NCAA Executive Committee

I Wouldn't Have Been Nearly as Polite to the Do-gooders and Nanny-staters

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The NCAA politely told all the do-gooders and nanny-staters whining about beer advertising during the game to go stuff it. I think the NCAA should have been more forceful in its response.

This is what I would have said: "To the paltry handful of meddling Congress members and the gang at CSPI, we'd like to inform you that not only are we keeping beer advertising, but we're increasing our beer advertising. On top of that, we're now taking ads for hard liquor and fast women. Any coaches and athletic directors worried about the purity of the game will be required to turn over every single dime of sponsorship money from Nike and Gatorade this afternoon. And to all those Division I schools and coaches who whined about this? You're all bumped down to Division III and the only sports you'll be allowed are crew and women's field hockey. Have fun. Further, I say if you're going to try to legislate advertising in NCAA ads, you pass a law forbidding Chevrolet from running the same commercial with the same song 8,000 times per game. That's something fans both young and old might appreciate." Just one fan's opinion.
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