Dear Siri, I Might Not Be Samuel L. Jackson ...

But That Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Make My Date Night Possible

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With all the uproar about Apple's slate of Siri ads (Are they false advertising? Are they elitist? Or has our own Brian Steinberg got it all wrong, and consumers actually love them?), I decided to have a little fun with my own iPhone to see if Siri could perform the same routine for me as she does with Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson, of course, is one of the two celebrities (along with Zooey Deschanel) Apple tapped for the spots that brought up the elitism question. Here's how the conversation went. (I skipped the golf part because I couldn't be bothered to add golf to my calendar to then cancel it.)

Anna: Find me a store that sells organic mushrooms for my risotto.
Siri: I found a number of establishments called Rizzuto's fairly close to you. (Not exactly close to me -- both Rizzuto's were in Connecticut; I live on the Upper East Side.)
Anna: How many ounces in a cup?
Siri: Let me check on that . Here you go. (This was accurate; good job, Siri.)
Anna: Remind me to put the gazpacho on ice.
Siri: Here is your reminder to put the dispatch on ice.
Anna: Siri, you can take the night off.
Siri: Anna, I do not understand what you mean by "Take the night off, Siri."

Hey, at least she's working hard, if not well. I was pretty disappointed with my results, so I got a little snappy and told her she was worthless, to which she replied, "I respect you, Anna."

Certainly my favorite Siri quote of the night.

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