I Swear There Was a Stoli Hotel Here Last Night

Vodka Purveyor Opens Temporary Booze Haven

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What better way to promote your vodka than to pour unlimited amounts of it down people's throats? Of course, there's a chance they won't remember what they were drinking the next day.

The Stoli Hotel, however, makes it hard to forget. Stolichnaya vodka, which claims to be "the mother of all vodkas," has given birth to one of the better marketing campaigns targeted at alcoholics, freeloaders, hipsters and various combinations of all three: a pseudo-hotel that sets up shop at major cities across the U.S. for two weeks at a time and hosts different parties every night of its stay, where the main attraction is an open bar of any flavor Stoli made any way you want it -- and usually by a blonde bombshell bartender named Svetlana or Natasha.

Aside from the inevitable long line, getting in isn't that difficult -- but finding out about the happenings is. The Stoli Hotel says its parties are "invitation only," but once the link to the guest list is found, anyone can sign up for it. One New York bash -- a "Style Wars" competition that pitted two designers against each other to make the better outfit in two minutes' time, armed with only a model and a rack of clothes each -- was advertised on Going.com, and anyone who received the event newsletter could sign up. A GQ-sponsored fete a few days later appeared as an open event on Facebook and gave a GQ e-mail address that anyone could RSVP to. What happened the other nights of Stoli's stay in New York (the last destination of the hotel's U.S. tour, which ends this weekend), I couldn't tell you.

Other than delicious drinks such as Stoli Vanilla Kiss (something that tasted like alcoholic cheesecake), Stoli O Crush (a strawberry mojito-like concoction) and Stoli Blueberi Lemonade (for the kids), the Hotel also offered up a Stoli Spa with complimentary massages -- although those, unlike the vodka, did run out rather quickly. While this wasn't your average hotel, there were beds, but only for the VIPs.

However, like a real hotel, we did eventually have to check out. Stoli Hotel, you will be missed.
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