That Old Imelda Spirit

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Chalk this one up under "Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?" Imedla Marcos (she of 10,000 shoes and widow of deposed Phillipines dictator Ferdinand Marcos) is launching her own line of jewelry.

Now don't start thinking she's auctioning off the hefty and pricey baubles she obtained while her hubby was in power. Oh no, she's making this stuff by hand, with glue gun, with finds from her local flea market. According to the NYTimes article, her kids put her up to it.

Of course, no jewelry line is just about jewelry. Imelda's daughter, Imee Marcos, says it's about much more: "The accessories are just an excuse. It's just a visual and tactile reminder of this attitude she wishes to share, the Imelda spirit, the Imelda way and that's what it will represent.''

Long live excessive materialism and spending? Now that's something every marketer can rally for.
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