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With The One Show fast approaching, The One Club last week invited its judges up to New York for lunch (and to decide who'll be getting pencils this year). Among the throng: David Apicella of Ogilvy, New York, Lisa Bennett of DDB, San Francisco, Erik Vervroegen of TBWA Paris, Eugenio Mohallem of Fallon, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Ravi Deshpande of Contract Advertising in Mumbai, India. (Ravi was kind enough to tell us that at that point in the judging Guinness's "noitulovE" from AMV BBDO was one of the standouts.)

Adages sat next to McKinney's David Baldwin, more to chat about music (Pants is putting the finishing touches on its new album) than about the biz. But the biz did come up and Adages began carping about the latest round of VW work from Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Baldwin, though, is apparently a gentleman as well as a rock star and rushed to Crispin's defense. While he refused to discuss the work itself, he suggested more than a fair share of recent Crispin criticism is being directed at the agency because it's no longer an underdog and pointed out that it was already under way last year when, at the Battle of the Bands, some folks in the crowd chucked stuff at Crispin's entry Coq Roq. (Not to condone rowdy behavior, but Coq Roq isn't exactly a treat for the ears.)

We also caught up with Jerry Shereshewsky, Yahoo's "Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Madison Avenue." We totally forgot to ask him what that title means. But he did discuss his favorite magazines (The Atlantic, The New Yorker and American Heritage) as well as his quest to get interactive advertising out of the "stepchild" category. Of course, it wasn't lost on Shereshewsky, Adages or The Martin Agency's Andy Azula, who'd been roped into the conversation, that the ongoing judging was for The One Show -- and that The One Show Interactive was a separate event.

So we took it upon ourselves to ask One Club Executive Director Mary Warlick if the two shows would be joined anytime soon. "Oh Lord," she answered, "that would be a five-hour show." We hadn't thought of it like that.

Speaking of One Show Interactive, we hear that the entries making it into the finals are mostly from abroad. U.S. agencies, we expect more from you next year!

March madness
As we previously mentioned, the TV Advertising League, a basketball league made up of players from TV and media agencies, held its finals March 10. We thought it would be only fair to relay the results. After sneaking past No. 1 seed MTV in the semifinals, No. 14 Nickelodeon faced off against No. 4 NBA. And while we'd love to report that the kids' network beat the big guys, it didn't happen. NBA won by 12 points. The league also donated $11,500 to the Tim Nesvig Fellowship. Tim's father, Jon, also presented MediaCom's Jaime Kilburn with the Tim Nesvig MVP Award. Kilburn was the top scorer in the league.

More words of wisdom
Does every ad agency have a book of quotes and witticisms about the industry? Don't answer that. We suspect we know the answer. After writing about a book of quotes from Rob Schwartz, executive creative director of TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, we received an e-mail from the good people at Duval Guillaume, which recently opened up a branch in New York.

Duval Guillaume's little book was written by Co-founder and Creative Director Guillaume Van der Stighelen and is called "Simple Truth About Advertising." And this book is illustrated and comes with a bookmark! And it has a back-cover blurb by Richard Branson (Virgin is a client in Europe). Some of the advice is folksy: "When you look at an idea, presented to you by one of the world's greatest agencies, devised by the world's greatest creatives, supported by your entire marketing department, and you don't know what to think about it ... Go home and ask your wife." (Bad, but not as bad as copy testing, right?) But our favorite, partly because it made us feel sort of dirty, was this: "There's a thin line between gaining a client's confidence and keeping his respect."

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