Fake Ad Taunts AT&T

iPhone Lover, AT&T Hater, Strikes on YouTube

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Apple fans agree on two things: The iPhone 3GS is the best phone/computer/device ever invented, and the AT&T cellular network on which it exclusively operates in the U.S. is terrifically bad. Who wants to pay $90 a month for a data network with dead spots in Brooklyn -- Brooklyn! -- and dropped calls on the West Side Highway?

Well, since Apple fans are vocal, evangelical, and super-creative, this is becoming a very big PR problem for AT&T. AT&T is a constant trending topic on Twitter (as is iPhone), and you know what that's about. You would think someone would be able to capitalize on this chorus of dissatisfaction. (Sprint and Palm are good contenders, but the Palm Pre advertising is starting a trend of its own, namely people crying out about how creepy the spokesmodel is).

AT&T's competitors have got to love this ad ("So you want an iPhone? Bend over for AT&T"), but I wonder: Did the Chicago-based creator, Pat Lee, who's got his own YouTube channel, license that Squirrel Nut Zippers song?

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