The Lesser of Two Jerkies: Jack Link's Portrays Obama, Romney With Meat

Fans Can Vote for Their Favorite Presidential Meathead

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Jack Link's Beef Jerky has commissioned portraits of President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney in perhaps the best visual medium known to man: dried meat.

The snack brand, which is handled by agency Carmichael Lynch Spong, tapped San Francisco-based mosaic artist Jason Mecier to create "Barack Obameat and Meat Romney 'meathead' portraits made entirely out of Jack Link's meat snacks." (I have to confess to initially thinking he'd created sculptures out of solid meat byproduct, but we must all live with minor disappointments during political season.)

Visitors to the Jack Link's site today can view these and vote for their favorite -- or third-party candidate Gary Johnson Sasquatch.


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