Jerry Shereshewsky Out at Yahoo

Now CEO of

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Jerry Shereshewsky, he of the funny title and the purple chairs, has left Yahoo. The company's so-called Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Madison Ave. was perhaps best known for making the rounds and loudly urging agencies and marketers to quit spending millions on 30-second TV spots (and, you know, start spending online, preferably with Yahoo). He was often on hand at industry awards shows to present the Yahoo Big Idea chair.

According to an e-mail from Shereshewsky that dropped into our box about 10 minutes ago, he's off to be CEO of, a content and social networking site aimed at baby boomers (at the moment, it exists as a newsletter).

Writes Shereshewsky: "We are launching a site full of incredible content and lots of social network utilities (to connect families and beyond) aimed at enabling the most transformative generation in the history of the country -- baby boomers -- to pass on their legacy; knowledge, values, history etc. This younger, more affluent and tech-savvy group is different from all grandparents in history. They constitute the largest single demographic cohort and, did I mention that they have almost all the money!"
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