JetBlue CEO Conveys Transparency by Riding X-Ray Machine

Stunt Video Made for Staff to Explain New Ad Campaign

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You may have seen that JetBlue is ditching its old "Happy Jetting" ads for a new campaign launching tomorrow from Mullen called "You Above All" that uses hidden-camera pranks on the ground to prove the industry's shortcomings in flight (think things like a taxi with woefully little legroom, etc.).

What you probably haven't seen is this video starring JetBlue CEO Dave Barger that we hear was a specially made internal-communications piece to build some buzz within the company and kick off the campaign for the airline's employees.

It marks what very well may be the first time a corporate chief has gotten down on a baggage-conveyor belt and sent himself through the bag-scanning machine. (Note, he's not at any old terminal, he's at T5, JetBlue's own terminal at New York's JFK International.)

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