Jobs of Great Import at Banana Republic

Retailer Raises Money to Support Job Creation, but Not Many Made-in-USA Items Inside the Store

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Banana Republic is doing a "Let's Create Jobs for USA" promotion.

But it's still hard to find Made-in-USA goods inside the store.

It's worth noting, though, that Banana Republic parent Gap Inc.has helped create some jobs in U.S. factories: Gap Inc. in fiscal 2011 (year ended January 2012) doubled its U.S. merchandise purchases -- to 2% of goods from 1%.

Gap Inc.'s March 2012 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission said "approximately 98% of all units [items] were produced outside the United States [in fiscal 2011], while the remaining 2% of all units were produced domestically." (In 2011, 26% of Gap Inc. goods came from China, according to the 10-K; 72% were imported from 41 other countries.)

In fiscal 2010, Gap said, "Approximately 1 percent of all units...were produced domestically, while the remaining 99% of all units ... were produced outside" the U.S.

In 1999, by contrast, Gap said 22 % of units came from U.S. production; 78% came from foreign factories, including 12% from China. In 1993, Gap reported, 40% of its merchandise was made domestically and 60% imported.

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