Joel Stein: Consumer Generate This, Bucko

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Contrarian, that I am, I found this piece by Joel Stein-- in which he tells the Person of the Year to bugger off -- funny.

Not everything should be interactive. A piece of work that stands on its own, without explanation or defense, takes on its own power. If Martin Luther put his 95 Theses on the wall and then all the townsfolk sent him their comments, and he had to write back to all of them and clarify what he meant, some of the theses would have gotten all watered down and there never would have been a Diet of Worms. And then, for the rest of history, elementary school students learning about the Reformation would have nothing to make fun of. You can see how dangerous this all is.

I'd bet good money though that it's not nearly as tongue-in-cheek as it's made out to be. And I'd go double or nothing that many CMOs and agency veterans feel the same way.
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