Johnnie Walker Insults Majority of Delusional Baseball Fans

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On Friday, this gem of a Johnnie Walker ad showed up in the office. The problem with the ad, apparently, is that it shows the Yankees as the pinnacle of Major League dreams. Of course, this set our resident Mets, Phillies and Cubs fans into a tizzy. You know, because little kids grow up saying "I want to play for a perrenial also-ran." (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.) Even funnier is that our resident Mets and Phillies fans are also contributors of large amounts of money to Johnnie Walker. Well, they were at any rate. They've sworn to switch Scotch brands.

I considered running the letter sent to ad agency BBH demanding an explanation and threatening a boycott, but it's really not fit for a family publication.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the Mets, Cubs and Phillies fans are a bit slow on the uptake. This ad is a year old. This is exactly why I drink Jack Daniels and follow football.
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