Kellogg Dumps Phelps Frosted Flakes at Food Bank

Phelps' Actions Contribute to Sugar High for Hungry

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Kellogg has an interesting -- if charitable -- way of taking out the trash. The cereal company very publicly dumped Olympic legend Michael Phelps over an ill-advised bong hit last month, due to behavior that was "not consistent with the image of Kellogg."

But what to do with all of those Frosted Flakes? The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the Battle Creek, Mich.-based company recently dropped two tons of cereal bearing Mr. Phelps' likeness at a San Fran food bank.

"Kellogg routinely donates food products we make to Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief network, when the product is nearing the end of its shelf life -- although these products are never damaged or unfit for consumption," a company spokeswoman said in a statement. "These donations are a consistent mainstay for Feeding America who oversees the distribution of the food, including the delivery to the San Francisco Food Bank."

Many marketers, like Speedo and Visa, stood by Phelps in the wake of the scandal. Of course, they don't need to peddle their wares to small children. For its part, Subway delayed a Phelps-centric ad campaign.

But Kellogg was the only company to all-out drop him, and many marijuana enthusiasts thought it was a pot shot. Indeed, "off the box" has replaced "pulling a Costanza" as slang for getting fired for a foolish mistake. Still, both swimmer and marketer have dropped off in overall, um, buzz in recent weeks.

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