Kmart Campaign Crashing My Christmas, Ruining Decent Song

Retailer Got My Attention, Made Me Vow Not to Shop There

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If you're like me, you've been subjected to Kmart's "The Lights" spots approximately 6 million times in the past couple of weeks. If you're like me, the sound of it sends you into a rage, makes you want to smash your TV and has you wondering what they could have possibly been thinking?

Visually, the spots are whatever. Only so much you can do with buy-one-get-one and layaway offers. But the audio? That song is just plain awful. "The lights the light the lights the lights that light the lights." WHAT!?

And the first person who says, "Well, at least it got your attention," please turn in your advertising credentials and go find another career. Sure, it got my attention. And it makes me literally cringe and voice profanities regarding Kmart -- which disturbs my dogs.

Is this just one guy having a "Get off my lawn moment"? Well, it's got no fans my home or office. And there are Facebook pages and message boards expressing the displeasure of the people over the likes of this:

Oddly enough, the actual song that this is grabbed from -- "Lights" by a band called Grasscut -- is not nearly as annoying. In fact, I rather like it. The annoying part used in the commercial is actually relegated to background in the song. Check it out.

So, it's like someone at DraftFCB, Chicago, said, "Hey, we found this pretty cool song." And then somewhere along the way someone said, "I know! Let's take the most annoying part of that song, distill it to its essence and use that . And let's use it 6 million times between Thanksgiving and Christmas."

I'm sure Grasscut was paid handsomely to have its song featured in a massive holiday campaign, but the band should realize that what we have here is the exact opposite of the Microsoft IE9 ad from earlier this year. Instead of "Who does that awesome song in the Explorer ad" (A: Alex Clare), many people are discovering your music by searching, "What is that awful Kmart commercial?"

UPDATE: I've been told that Kmart changed the music for its holiday spots. What do we think? Better? At least it's Christmas-y. (This happened over the weekend as part of a planned roll-out, so I can't claim credit.)

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