Knob Creek Runs Dry in Marketing Stunt

Company Sending Out Empty Bourbon Bottles

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Knob Creek is sending empty bourbon bottles to journalists. But what would usually be seen as the sort of offense requiring capital punishment is actually a pretty savvy marketing move, says spirits writer William Dowd (by the way, how DO we get that gig?), who received one of the bottles. (Our own Jeremy Mullman received one today.)

The bottle, you see, is accompanied by a note from Knob Creek President Bill Newlands, explaining that due to the bourbon's popularity, supplies may run low this summer. And they're not about to start cranking out cut-rate booze just to meet demand. "Instead of compromising quality to meet demand, we have chosen to let the supply run low. In deference to Booker Noe and his vision for Knob Creek, we will age all our bourbon the full 9 years. The next batch will be ready in November of this year."

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