Kobe Bryant Is Rich, Can Jump Over Expensive Cars

Don't Try This at Home

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Once again Kobe Bryant is making news where he does it best...no not the basketball court, and no not in a hotel room in Colorado. We're talking about the parking lot, of course.

About a year ago Bryant unleashed a "wah-wah I hate my team" rant to some kids holding a video camera in a shopping center parking lot in California. But as this video currently making the rounds on the web shows, Kobe,with the help of a speeding Aston Martin and, since Nike appears to be involved, a new shoe he's hawking, is taking sneaker marketing to insane heights...literally.

After lacing up his kicks, Bryant tell his buddy to "trust me, I got this" and then proceeds to jump, from a standing position, over the aforementioned Aston Martin as it races towards him. Combine the fact that I'm positive there's a "No jumping over moving cars" clause in his cajillion dollar contract, with the fact that the Lakers are on the verge of going deep into the playoffs, I'm guessing this was all camera tricks. But it's still pretty seamless and actually pretty cool.

The video even includes the obligatory PSA-type warning with Bryant repeatedly looking into the camera telling kids not to try this at home. But if those types of warnings didn't work for Johnny Knoxville and the guys on Jackass, what makes Nike and Kobe think anyone's going to listen to them.
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