We May See La Comunidad's Molla in Next Year's Shark Week

Agency Co-Founder Attacked by Shark, Lives to Write About It

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My survival instincts kicked in and took total control. I began to swim backwards holding my hanging calf muscle with one hand and pointing my spear back out with the other expecting all the other tooth-filled mouths that would soon appear from the blood-drenched waters.

That's La Comunidad's Jose Molla describing the moments after a shark took a bite out of his leg down in the Bahamas. Luckily for him, one man went into the water and one man came out of the water. It's a gripping tale -- then again, it's a shark attack, so of course it's a gripping tale. From his first foray into the sparkling water to the incident itself to the adventures in health-care providers, it's a good read. And it includes pictures.

Get well, soon, Jose.

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