The Latest Salvo in the Absolut Mexico Wars

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"So, wait. A blogger ripped out an Absolut vodka ad from one of our gossip magazines and put this on a website in the U.S. Then a bunch of people in the richest country in the world took the joke in the ad seriously because 2,000 people on college campuses in the Arizona and California have sworn to 'take back' the land for ... wait, who are they taking the land back for? The Spanish? The Yaqui? The Mayans? So some gringos in the U.S. got all worked up over this vodka ad. Seriously? And this ad was for a Swedish vodka, right? Oh, wait, it's now owned by a French company? And now Skyy vodka is declaring war on us and this famous American patriot Lou Dobbs, he's going to take over and run things?"
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