Lazy Flattery Can Land You in the Spotlight

Watch Out for That Automerge

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Adages is back with another round of PR Hints and Tips. When you're using automerge systems to write press releases, be sure the thing is working -- you know, filling in names of companies and such -- before you hit send. Otherwise, all that kissing up you're trying to do might ring a little hollow. Take this for example:

We here at MOLI love what you're doing at TK. I'm writing in the hope that we can work together. is a new networking site with a creative, entrepreneurial clientele. The MOLI View is a multimedia online magazine featured within MOLI.

For those of you who don't have to toil in journalism or PR, TK is a placeholder that means missing information is to come. Or maybe the guilty party here thought I work for a company named TK. That's some fine networking skills on display. "Hey, you. What's your face. I really like whatever it is you do at that company you work for."

But that's OK. They also took the time to explain to me how this whole world wide interwebs machine works.

We will post a linkback to your website with each article we choose and attribute you as the source of the article. This will give your content heightened visibility on the Internet and help drive traffic your way. We can run a short summary or excerpt of the article, or we can run the whole thing: your choice.

My choice? I'll pass.
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